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2016 Jul.

Plant Holidays

Betriebsurlaub Bild

The company will be closed for summer holidays from 25 July to 12 August 2016 and will re-open on 15 August. During this time our employees will not be available to respond to your queries.

In urgent cases you can reach us by telephone at +49 (0) 6658 89-0 or by fax at …89-40.

2016 Jul.

Andrew Du represents AS in China

Andrew Du

Andrew Du

ChinaThe acting Chinese Champion and founder of the first Gliding Club in China, Andrew Du, has taken over the AS representation in China.

We wish him great success for his new challenges and look forward to the cooperation with him.

contact Andrew…


2016 Jul.

Swiss Nationals 2016 in Schänis

Rolf Friedli wins with a significant point lead

Photo: Schänis Soaring

Photo: Schänis Soaring

With an impressive lead of almost 500 points Rolf Friedli won the 18m class of the Swiss Nationals 2016. Fredy Zulliger (left) placed 2nd. Jürg Haas (right) and Christine Bürki followed in places three and four. All these pilots flew ASG 29.

The 18m class was the most strongly contested group with the most participants. Flying was possible on all the competition days except the very first one. However, the hot and humid conditions during the competition were quite stressful for the pilots.

With a 3rd place in the Open class ASH 31 Mi pilot Gabriel Rossier also managed to secure a podium position. Stefan Zlot (ASW 27) placed 2nd in the 15m class.

More information: Soaring Spot and

2016 Jul.

Further National Champions

Competitions in Hungary, USA and Romania

Zoltán Verebélyi

Zoltán Verebélyi

Zoltán Verebélyi in his ASG 29 was able to win the 15m class of the Hungarian Nationals 2016 in Szeged. Richárd Bartolf placed 3rd, also in an ASG 29.




In the USA ASG 29 pilot Peter Deane (photo right) won the US Nationals in the 15m Racing class, followed by David Leonard (ASW 27) and Gary Ittner (ASG 29). In the Open class Dick Butler finished in 3rd place with his Concordia.

Cristian Iacob is the new Romanian champion. He won the “Clubclass 2” in his oldtimer glider Ka 6 at the competition in Tirgu Mures.

2016 Jul.

Youngest Norwegian Champion ever

17 years old Eirik Brenner Marthins wins with the ASG 29 E

The 17 years old Eirik Brenner Marthins is the youngest Norwegian Champion ever. At the Norwegian Nationals in Starmoen he won the title of the Sports class after two days in an ASG 29 E. In this class, water ballast is not allowed.

This was the first of two Norwegian nationals. After a break of one week, the second competition will also start in Starmoen, held as an FAI competition and permitting the use of water ballast.

More information: NM Sports class

2016 Jul.

Øyvind Moe: 4708 km in ten days

ASH 31 Mi-Pilot flies from Elverum to Poppenhausen and back

Our Norwegian representative Øyvind Moe recently visited us with his ASH 31 Mi. Not, however, with a car and trailer but only with his aircraft at the most southerly point on his tour of the Baltic Sea. He started from his home airport Elverum in Norway on 31 May 2016. learn more

2016 Jun.

Photosession with the ASG 32 El

Since the weather on the day of the first flight was a little bit dull, we used today’s sunshine to take a few aerial photos of the ASG 32 El. learn more

2016 Jun.

ASG 32 EI with electric propulsion is flying now

An environment-friendly sustainer

The electric propulsion system for the ASG 32 EI was first introduced at the AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen. While the priority last year was to obtain type certification of the Open class ASH 30 Mi as well as the flight testing and type certification of the ASG 32 as a self-launcher and pure sailplane, now the completion of the electric propulsion system has come back into the foreground. learn more