Anniversary on the Schleicher airfield     11.2013

ASH 31 Mi No. 100 and ASG 29 No. 250 delivered
Serial-No. 5 of the ASH 30 Mi completed

Flanked by two ASH 30 Mi our workforce assembles behind the 100th ASH 31 Mi and serial No. 250 of the ASG 29 our employees proudly present the two anniversary sailplanes.

Designer Martin Heide is pleased that the dispatch of 100 ASH 31 Mi in a very short period of time is testimony to the popularity of this new glider.
More information >>> here...

Michael Greiner is proud that the ASG 29 has become by far the most successful glider in its class.
More information >>> here...

ASH 30 Mi:
Top performance, pilot comfort and occupant safety - the ultimate in Open Class
More information >>> here...

11 ASK 21 Mi ordered        02.2014

Australian Air Force decides in favour of ASK 21 Mi self launchers

Schleicher is very pleased to announce an order for eleven ASK 21 Mi self launching motorgliders for the Australian Air Force.

More information >>> here...

Rudolf W. Mozer deceased    02.2014

We were saddened to learn that Rudolf W. Mozer had passed away at the age of 84.

He dedicated his life to soaring and was an influential figure in American soaring.

Complete article >>> here...

With the ASH 25 Mi in the Himalayas        02.2014

Sebastian Kawa explores the roof of the world

A spectacular video shows Sebastian Kawa in an ASH 25 Mi within the framework of his expedition in the Himalayas.

The link to the video: Soaringcafe

Production of wing prototype started        02.2014

Exactly on schedule

The team around designer Michael Greiner is getting close to finishing the ASG 32 prototype.

Work has now begun on building the first wing.

More information >>> here...

With an ASH 25 in the Alps of New Zealand

Garry Wakefield sent us this link to a great footage of what you can do in an ASH 25

Here the link to Vimeo...

Präsentation at the AERO 2013

   + + +       + + +   

Alexander Schleicher is proud to present our latest project: The ASG 32 . With 20m span and flaps the ASG 32 is a two-seater in its own right beside our other two-seaters.

- the new highlight in the 20m Two-seater Class!

Next to our proven ASK 21 trainer and our new ASH 30 Mi Open Class high performance glider, we are now introducing the new two-seater ASG 32 . - a totally new design specifically tailored for the very popular 20 Meter FAI Two-seater Class. High performance and good handling, in the air as well as on the ground, are our most important goals. Therefore the ASG 32 . is just as much for the ambitious competition pilot, as it is for clubs and recreational pilots, in particular due to its wide range of options and engine variants.

More Information >>> here...

6th ASK 14 - Meeting   

27. to 29. Juni 2014 in Nastätten / Taunus (Germany)

After the successful meetings in the last years, organizer Klaus Peter Gies invites all ASK 14 pilots and friends of this popular oldtimer to the 6th meeting in Nastätten / Taunus, Germany.

Download flyer here...
The way to the ASK 14 homepage here...
Report and photos from the meeting 2011 here...

958 km and 1020 km in an ASW 17       05.2013

Ingo Trentelj and Jürgen Dittmar from the Aero-Team-Klix used one of the best thermal days of this year and in the evening they could report about extraordinarily flights in their ASW 17.

Download Flight Report (German language)

AERO 2013 - Impressions       05.2013

Schleicher provided a big surprise at the AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen - Germany: the introduction of the new 20m two-seater ASG 32, the highlight in the hall A1.

The other exhibited planes were also constantly surrounded by aviation-inspired visitors. For example the Open class two-seater ASH 30 Mi, (serial-No. 4 exhibited) or the actual world-champion-glider ASG 29 E and the ASH 31 Mi with serial-No. 90.

More information >>> here...

Product Safety Recall Castrol Olis in Two Stroke Engines       05.2013

Castrol is voluntarily recalling one litre bottles of Castrol oil used in two stroke engines due to water contamination. The contamination in some bottles may potentially be sufficient to cause engine seizure.

The affected products were on sale from September 3rd 2012 and the batch numbers are listed here...

New TN Usage of Spin Ballast with the ASK 21 / 21 Mi       05.2013

Since introduction of TN 4a eight years have gone by. From this experience a new Technical Note evolved:

ASK 21: TM 4b
ASK 21 Mi: TM 7

It shall offer more information to the pilot, and this information is more concentrated to one place in the manual. Furthermore, the existing Technical Notes TN 4 and TN 4a are unified into the same issue.

More information >>> here...

New AD for K-Types published     12.2012

Ka2, Ka6, K7, K8, ASK 13 and ASK 18 affected

In the elevator control of an ASK 13 a problem is occurred, presumably caused by an incorrect repair. An inspection by TN respective AD has been ordered.

Ka 2 and Ka 2b: TM 13 and LTA D-2012-438
Ka 6, all model variants: TM 26 and AD 2012-246
K 7: TM 24 and AD 2012-246
K 8, all model variants: TM 30 and AD 2012-246
ASK 13: TM 19 and AD 2012-246
ASK 18: TM 9 and AD 2012-246

"Advanced Soaring Made Easy", new extended 3rd edition     11.2012

...written by Bernhard Eckey,
AS-Representative in Australia

In just a few years "Advanced Soaring Made Easy" has become the world’s leading book on gliding. It turned into an instant best seller and when it sold out quickly it demonstrated that an up-to-date book was long overdue. Rather than simply resorting to a reprint the author has now compiled a third edition which has just come off the printing press.

>>> more...

The 900. ASK 21 delivered     10.2012

From Poppenhausen to Cheu in France

In the Centre de Vol á Voile de Saint Florentin-Cheu, in the middle of France, the 900. ASK 21 found its new home. Most of the gliding students today have gained her gliding license in an ASK 21. What does particularly distinguish this sailplane?
Read here...

Alexander Schleicher on hr-television     05.2012

Film team in Poppenhausen

Hessen television reported in the magazine "Herkules" about sailplane manufacturing.

Link to hr-television

Building sailplanes for 50 years     04.2012

Paul Heller celebrating a special anniversary

One of us employees, working in the assembly hall, was celebrating an anniversary not found everyday.


EASA certificate for the ASH 31 Mi!     02.2012

Good news from Brunswick and Cologne

On January, 25th 2012 EASA has granted certification of the ASH 31 Mi. Download type certificate > here <
...and here is the way to the gallery

Engine conservation is important   

With a spot of work more security and lifespan

Vital steps for proper engine conservation prior to temporary periods of inactivity (or seasonal breaks) are often not taken seriously enough by some aircraft owners. Unfortunately, annual inspections reveal such shortcomings all too often...

older news and reports

Here you can find articles which are removed from the main page

Congratulations to...

Overview of all winners...

National Champions 2013

The gliding season 2013 now coming to an end has produced many new national champions in Schleicher gliders. An attempt of an overview is made here. Behind every photo is a link to the results.

Tom Claffey,
Australia 18m/Op.
ASG 29
Richard Bartolf,
Hungary 18m
ASG 29
Börje Eriksson,
Sweden 18m
ASG 29 E
Frane Franic,
Croatia Mixed
ASW 24
Robert Schröder,
Germany 18m
ASG 29 E
Francisco Ortega,
Spain 15m
ASW 27
David Mockler,
USA 15m
ASG 29
Ron Tabery,
USA Open class
Martti Koivula,
Finland 18m
ASG 29 E
Jean-Luc Colson,
Belgium Open cl.
ASG 29
Peter Hartmann,
Austria 18m
ASG 29
Sebastian Eder,
Austria Open class
Rolf Friedli,
Switzerland 18m
ASG 29
Göran Ax,
Sweden Open class
ASH 31 Mi
John Seymour,
USA Sports class
ASG 29
Garret Willat,
USA Club class
ASW 20
Ulrik Sorensen,
Denmark 18m
ASH 26 E
Johnny Jensen,
Denmark 15m
ASW 27 B
Steven Raimond,
Netherlands Combi
ASW 27
Stefan Telkamp,
Netherlands Club
ASW 19

Australian Nationals 2013

Tom Claffey: 158,9 km/h cutting speed with the ASG 29 on the last competition day

Once again three ASG 29-pilots on the podium!

Thanks to a tremendous recovery and a cutting speed of almost 159 km/h over a distance of 339 km on the last day, Tom Claffey became new Australian champion in his ASG 29. Before it on seven days the Danish guest pilot Arne Boye-Möller was on the top. At the end he finished third. John Buchanan, also a ASG 29-Pilot , became new Australian vice champion.
The results of the 18m class took into the results of the Open class. In this class, Claffey, Buchanan and Boye-Möller were also the winners.

More information here...

Bailleau 2013

Photos: International Amical Bailleau
Three (four) ASG 29 pilots on the podium!

The Belgian Oliver Sevrin placed 1st in France at the International Amical Bailleau 2013 in the Open class. His fellow countryman Gilbert Mellet followed behind him on the 2nd place. The team pilots Gundula Goeke and Karl Scholz (D) placed 3rd.

In the class "Amical" the Belgian team Thomas and Philippe Leduc, placed 2nd in their ASW 24

More information here...

Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo 2013

In Rieti too, ASG 29-pilots on the podium!

Peter Hartmann (AT) wins the 18m class. After nine competition days (five times he was the daily winner, three times he placed 2nd and once 3rd) he wins with a large distance.

In the 15m class the winner was Leigh Wells (GB). Riccardo Brigliadori (I) placed 3rd.

More information here...

At the following Coppa Citta di Rieti 2013, Peter Hartmann has also won in his ASG 29.

More information here...

German Nationals 2013 in Mengen

Yves Jeanmotte (B) wins the 18m class in his ASG 29

      Robert Schröder became new
      German Champion

Many successful AS pilots at the German Nationals 2013 in Mengen. Eight ASG 29 among the top ten.

Look at the gallery of all AS pilots...

7th FAI Women's
World Gliding Championships 2013 Issoudun (F)  07.2013

Anne Ducarouge from France claimed the titel of the new 15m World Champion in her ASG 29

Marilyne Abadie-Bérard, from France too, became vice champion in her ASG 29 E

ASG 29 E pilot Katrin Senne from Germany placed 3rd.

More information here...

US-Nationals 2013 in Hobbs NM

David Mockler claimed the titel of the new 15m US-Champions in his ASG 29.

Mark Keene (ASW 27) became vice champion, John Cochraine (ASW 27) placed 3rd.

20 of the total of 30 pilots in the 15m class flew an ASG or ASW sailplane.

Ron Tabery (ASW 22 BLE) is the new US-Champion in the Open class.

Except one day Dick Butler and Ron alternated as the daily winners. At the end Dick finished as vice champion in his Concordia. More information here...

17th European Gliding Championships 2013
in Vinon sur Verdon (France)  06.2013

Sebastian Kawa (Poland) in his ASG 29 is the new European champion in the 18m class

Roman Mracek (Ceská Republika) placed 3rd in an ASG 29 E

15m class:
ASW 27-pilot Jean-Denis Barrois from France has been ranked 3rd.

More information here...


Øyvind Moe in his ASH 31 Mi was the first sailplane pilot who crossed the Skagerrak (North sea). Subsequently he flew a Scandinavian record with 908 km in straight distance.

More information here...

Belgian Nationals 2013

Jean-Luc Colson in his ASG 29 became new Belgian champion in the Open class.

Olivier Brialmont in an ASG 29 too, placed 2nd. Pierre de Broqueville (ASH 25) has been ranked 3rd.

More information here...

Austrian Nationals 2013

Peter Hartmann in his ASG 29 E became new Austrian Champion in the 18m class.

Sebastian Eder (ASW 22 BL) claimed the title in the Open class.

Alexander Müller (D) placed 3rd in his ASW 22 BLE
Karel Mares (CZ) and Ivan Harasta (CZ) (both ASW 15) placed in the Club class 1st and 2nd.

More information here...

Swiss Nationals 2013

Rolf Friedli in his ASG 29 claimed the title of the Swiss champion in the 18m class. Michael Reiner (ASG 29 E) placed 3rd.

In the Open class Daniel Rossier in his ASH 31 Mi landed on 3rd place.
Jürg Haas took 2nd place in the 15m class in his ASW 27

More information here...

Swedish Nationals 2013

Göran Ax wins the Open class in his ASH 31 Mi

Mikael Engström in his ASH 25 became vice champion.

Ronny Eriksson in an ASH 25 Mi placed 3rd.
In the 15m-Racing class Markus Ganev placed 3rd in an ASG 29 E

More information here...

Grand-Prix France

Laurent Aboulin won the France Grand-Prix in Rennes Saint-Sulpice in an ASG 29 E

Kai Lindenberg (D) placed 2nd in an ASW 27 B

Nicolas Veron in an ASW 27 B too, placed 3rd.

More information here...

Many successful pilots in the USA

John Cochrane in his ASW 27 won the 15m class of the Region 5 North Contest in Perry SC

More information here...

Jerzy Szemplinski placed 2nd at the Region 5 North Contest in Perry SC in his ASG 29

More information here...

In the following 18m Nationals in Lancaster SC he failed to make it on the 1st place by just a few points.
Garry Ittner in his ASG 29 landed on the 3rd place.

More information here...

Bill Gawthrop in his ASH 26 E won the Sports class at the Central California Soaring Club Spring Contest in Avenal CA

More information here...

John Seymour is the new US-Champion in the Sports class. In the contest in Reedsville PA he placed 1st in his ASG 29

In the same contest, Garret Willat won the Club class and became new US-champion in his ASW 20

More information here...

35. International Hockenheim Championships

Sven Weiland won the 18m class in Hockenheim in an ASG 29 E

Dr. Bernd Hubka placed 2nd in an ASG 29

In the 15m-Racing class Florian Theisinger became vice champion in his ASG 29

More information here...

Danish Championships 2013

Ulrik Sorensen became new Danish champion in the 18m class in his ASH 26 E

Peter Eriksson (ASG 29) became vice champion.

Johnny R. Jensen is the new Danish champion in the 15m Racing class. He flew an ASW 27 B

More information here...

Dutch Nationals 2013

Steven Raimond in his ASW 27 is the new Dutch champion in the Combi class

The ASW 19 - pilot Stefan Telkamp is the new Club class champion.

More information here...

47. Hahnweide Championships 2013

Johannes Weberpals in his ASH 31 Mi placed 3rd in the Open class. An excellently result in a class mostly with bigger ships.

More information here...

Pre-World Gliding Championships 2013 in Leszno (PL)

World champion Zbigniew Nieradka won the Pre World Championships in Leszno (Poland) in the ASG 29, too.

His fellow countryman Witold Czarnik, also in an ASG 29, became Vice Champion.

More information here...

older contest results

Here you can find older results and competition reports which are removed from the main page