2020 Feb.

Bruce Taylor und Brad Edwards Australische Meister mit der ASG 32 Mi

Fünf Wertungstage in Narromine

Wir gratulieren ganz herzlich Bruce Taylor und Brad Edwards zum Gewinn der Australischen Doppelsitzer-Meisterschaften 2020 in Narromine mit der ASG 32 Mi.

Bruce Taylor hat uns dazu einige Zeilen geschrieben:

Although both of us had minimal time in the ‘32 before this competition (Brad with four flights and me with zero!) we both found it a very easy and pleasant glider to fly. In particular we enjoyed the great feedback and feel, and it’s undoubtedly excellent high speed performance. What we weren’t expecting was its ability to climb in extremely weak, tight thermals, even with a high empty wing loading.

The first competition day was extraordinarily challenging, with very heavy overcast and low, weak climbs, but with Brad doing the flying we were the only finishers! We managed to maintain our lead for the rest of the competition. The final day was by far the best weather, but was still difficult and a little bit “European”.

What a beautiful glider – We love it!


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Fotos: Bruce Taylor