ASW 28 B

The All-Rounder!

ASW 28 B
  • 15m Standard Class Sailplane for Club,
  • Competition and Fun Flying

The ASW 28 B combines an outstanding glide ratio with extremely good-natured flying-characteristics. An easy to handle glider with huge performance potential.

Ideally suited for club use by pilots coming from two-seater training as well as for ambitious cross-country pilots.

Alongside, for example, an ASK 21 trainer this glider will very quickly be among the most flown in the club.

But the ASW 28 B is also at home in competitions because of its performance, handling and simply by being a lot of fun to fly.

That's new in the B-version:

  • even more space for larger pilots
  • ergonomic rudder pedals provide more foot space
  • newly designed instrument pedestal
  • newly designed backrest, adjustable in flight
  • aero tow coupling in the fuselage nose
  • TOST wheel brake system
  • more air brake effectiveness with three bladed paddle
  • and a lot more…


We would be happy to provide you with additional information about further equipment and versions by providing a quotation:


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