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2020 Jul.

AS 33 Es in full production

Flight Testing and Certification are far advanced

First rigging of serial No. 3

First rigging of serial No. 3

Our production facilities are continuing to fill up with parts for the new AS 33.  In parallel, flight testing and certification procedures have advanced significantly and are nearly completed. learn more

2020 Jul.

The AS 34 Me is almost ready

Fine tuning of the electrical propulsion system

The first flight of the AS 34 Me, our new, self-launching, electro sailplane, is almost here. Our design team is currently working on fine tuning the control unit, the engine regulator and the battery management system (BMS) in addition to all its safety features. learn more

2020 Jul.

Plant Holidays

Betriebsurlaub Bild

The company will be closed for summer holidays from 27 July to 14 August 2020 and will re-open on 17 August. During this time our employees will not be available to respond to your queries.

In urgent cases you can reach us by telephone at +49 (0) 6658 89-0 or by fax at …89-40.

2020 Apr.

Production and Maintenance divisions continue to operate despite the Corona crisis

Many safety measures for our employees

In recent weeks we have been primarily occupied with putting in place the required safety measures for the protection of our employees as a result of the Corona crises. Up to now we are not aware of any Corona cases in our area so that we are confident about continuing to carry out our normal business activities. learn more

2020 Feb.

Bruce Taylor and Brad Edwards Australian Champion in the ASG 32 Mi

Five Competition Days in Narromine

We sincerely congratulate Bruce Taylor and Brad Edwards for winning the 2020 Australian Two Seat Nationals in the ASG 32 Mi.

Bruce Taylor has written some lines to us about it:

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2020 Feb.

AS 33 – Maiden-Flight-Video

Moving images from the premiere of our new 18m sailplane

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2020 Jan.

The AS 33 flies

The new 18m sailpane makes its first flight at Huhnrain

While in large parts of Germany the weather was cloudy and somewhat gloomy, St. Peter provided a sunny window over the Rhön for the first AS 33 flight.  But it wasn’t just the sun which shone brightly – but the faces of everyone present were equally bright with joy about the highly successful event.

At around 11:30 a.m. local time the AS 33 lifted off for the first time. Company head Uli Kremer was at the controls and he thoroughly checked everything out including the retriever motor with the electric starter.

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2019 Dec.

AS 33 – Maiden Flight is within reach

First photo shooting with the complete aircraft

In the last few weeks there wasn’t so much news about our new AS 33. The reason for this was the ground vibration test, which was performed successfully by an external institution in the last three weeks.

Besides the wing load test, which we already passed last spring, the ground vibration test is one of the most important tests on the way to the EASA certification.

It is very important for us to offer our customers a glider, which can achieve the final EASA certification as soon as possible after the maiden flight. That is why we decided to pass this important but also time-consuming test before the eagerly awaited maiden flight of our brand new AS 33.

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