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2020 Oct.

AS 33 Es receives EASA Certification

Intensive Flight Testing

With great pleasure have we received the news that the EASA has certified the AS 33 Es, our new 18m sailplane only 9 months after its first flight on 23 January 2020.  The certification was given as part of the latest issue of CS-22 (Amendment 2, 05 March 2009).  With this the AS 33 Es complies with the current European technical and safety requirements.

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2020 Sep.

AS 33 Es: First flight of the 15m-version

One glider, two competitive classes

Also in the 15m-version the AS 33 Es cuts a fine figure. After the maiden flight, Tobias Mörsel (M. Sc.) was very pleased by the agility of this new FAI 15m Racing Class glider. learn more

2020 Sep.

AS 34 Me – the first self-launch

Electric powered sailplane with a climb rate of more than 3m/s

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2020 Sep.

First flight of the AS 34 Me

Schleicher’s first electric self-launcher has flown

We have been awaiting the first flight of the new AS 34 Me with very much anticipation. Beside the ASG 32 El with its electric sustainer it is the second Schleicher electric powered sailplane, this time conceived as a self-launcher.

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2020 Jul.

AS 33 Es in full production

Flight Testing and Certification are far advanced

First rigging of serial No. 3

First rigging of serial No. 3

Our production facilities are continuing to fill up with parts for the new AS 33.  In parallel, flight testing and certification procedures have advanced significantly and are nearly completed. learn more

2020 Jul.

The AS 34 Me is almost ready

Fine tuning of the electrical propulsion system

The first flight of the AS 34 Me, our new, self-launching, electro sailplane, is almost here. Our design team is currently working on fine tuning the control unit, the engine regulator and the battery management system (BMS) in addition to all its safety features. learn more

2020 Apr.

Production and Maintenance divisions continue to operate despite the Corona crisis

Many safety measures for our employees

In recent weeks we have been primarily occupied with putting in place the required safety measures for the protection of our employees as a result of the Corona crises. Up to now we are not aware of any Corona cases in our area so that we are confident about continuing to carry out our normal business activities. learn more

2020 Feb.

Bruce Taylor and Brad Edwards Australian Champion in the ASG 32 Mi

Five Competition Days in Narromine

We sincerely congratulate Bruce Taylor and Brad Edwards for winning the 2020 Australian Two Seat Nationals in the ASG 32 Mi.

Bruce Taylor has written some lines to us about it:

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