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2017 Oct.

Mark Holliday and Tom Claffey new Champions

Championships in South Africa and Australia

Mark Holliday

Mark Holliday

While here in Europe the sailplanes gradually are mothballed, the gliding season is really getting started in the southern hemisphere.

Nevertheless the weather was somewhat restrained at the national championships in South Africa and Australia, so that only a few competition days could be carried out. AS pilots were able to achieve good placings, including two new national champions.

Mark Holliday placed first at the South African Nationals in the FAI 15m class in his ASW 27. With Wayne Schmidt (ASW 27, 2nd place) and Richard Bradley (ASW 27, 3rd place) the podium was complete. learn more

2017 Sep.

A new Company Brochure

Support by our suppliers

We would like to thank our suppliers cordially for their friendly support in preparing our new AS company brochure.

This brochure is also available in printed form.


At the same time a short video has been created, in which we introduce ourselves as a sailplane manufacturer.

2017 Aug.

European Champions with the ASG 32 Mi:
Sebastian Kawa and Christoph Matkowski

Polish team wins in Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic

Sebastian Kawa and Christoph Matkowski

Sebastian Kawa and Christoph Matkowski

After his success at the 2015 18m European Championships with an ASG 29, we would like to again congratulate Sebastian Kawa on becoming the 2017 European champion with a Schleicher sailplane. This time it was in the 20m two-seater class, together with Christoph Matkowski, the Schleicher representative in Poland. learn more

2017 Aug.

US 18m Nationals:
Bruce Taylor wins with an ASG 29

Jerzy Szemplinski and Dave Springford also on the podium

Eight competition days, four day wins, first place overall.  Those are Bruce Taylor’s exceptional results which allowed him to win the US 18m Nationals with the ASG 29.

Uvalde, Texas, offered weather conditions which permitted tasks of nearly 600 km.

Two other ASG 29 pilots, Jerzy Szemplinski and Dave Springford, also finished on the podium.

learn more

2017 Aug.

Roman Mracek wins the Grand Prix in Slovakia

Lubor Kuvik places 2nd. - ASG 29 in front

Lubor Kuvik, Roman Mracek, Sebastian Nägel

Lubor Kuvik, Roman Mracek, Sebastian Nägel

A challenging and hot week is over for the pilots at the 2017 Slovak Grand Prix in Partizanske. Distances between 250 and 330 km were flown on the seven competition days. Only the last day turned out to be a rest day.

ASG 29 pilot Roman Mracek from the Czech Republic achieved a decisive victory with full points on two days and very good placings on the others. learn more

2017 Aug.

Alvaro De Orleans-Borbon and Pablo Vispe Sola are the new Spanish Champions

In the lead with the ASH 31 Mi and the ASW 24

Alvaro De Orleans-Borbon

Alvaro De Orleans-Borbon

Four day wins helped Alvaro De Orleans-Borbon and his ASH 31 Mi win the title in the Open class of the Spanish Championships at Lillo.

Two ASG 29 pilots, Anton Sibanec (a guest pilot from Slovenia) and Jorge Madrigal Revuelta, placed behind it (Revuelta on second place in the national scoring). learn more

2017 Aug.

Guido Achleitner is Austrian Champion with the ASG 32 Mi

Werner Amann and Friedrich Hofinger each win second place

Our Austrian representative, Guido Achleitner, was the happy winner at the 2017 Austrian National Championships at Mariazell. He was able to secure the overall Open class championhip with a win on the last competition day.  With two day wins and two second place finishes on previous competition days he got ever closer to Sebastian Eder. learn more

2017 Jul.

Christophe Abadie wins Grand Prix in France in his ASG 29 E

Aude Grangeray placed 2nd

Christophe Abadie

Christophe Abadie

Two victories on three competition days were enough for Christophe Abadie. With 20 points the ASG 29 E pilot was the winner of the French FAI Sailplane Grand Prix 2017 in Buno Bonnevaux.

Aude Grangeray (ASW 27), one of the two female participants, claimed the 2nd place with a steady performance and always placing in the top third. learn more