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2017 Apr.

Great interest at the 2017 Aero

A trend towards Electropropulsion

Again this year the Schleicher stand at the 2017 Aero in Friedrichshafen was consistently busy. A large number of visitors used the occasion to sit in one of the sailplanes on display or ask questions which were gladly answered by the AS Exhibition team.

With the 20m two-seaters ASG 32 Mi and ASG 32 EI, the 18m class ASG 29 Es and the compact open class sailplane ASH 31 Mi, interested pilots from within and outside of Germany had the most modern aircraft from our model range available to them.

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2017 Feb.

Service-Information by the Schroth company about restraint systems of acrobatic aircraft

Inadvertent release of an individual latch possible

The Schroth company informs in an Service Information Letter about possible problems with restraint systems, which can occur during acrobatics:

Schroth Service Information Letter SIL SSP-007

2017 Jan.

Good Placings in Benalla

European-type Weather at the World Gliding Championships in Australia

The participants in the 34th FAI World Gliding Championships looked forward to the competition with suspense since usually we connect Australia with outstanding soaring conditions. While sailplanes are usually in a deep sleep during our winters, Australia often provides potential record flying weather during its summer.  Unfortunately, this time the soaring conditions during the 14 day competition period were more comparable to those found in central Europe in the summer. learn more

2016 Nov.

Peter Temple is Australian Champion again

ASG 29 pilot wins the Sports class in Waikerie

Peter Temple

Peter Temple

Once more Peter Temple was able to win the Australian Championships, this time in the Sports class, which was combined with the Open class.

For example, on the 4th day he placed first by a large margin with an average speed of 120 km/h. On all the other days he was on the podium almost without exception and was able to defend his lead from the first to the last day.

The team Scott Percival and Mark Paterson placed 3rd in an ASH 25 M.

More information: Soaring Spot

2016 Nov.

“Advanced soaring made easy” Edition 4

Bernard Eckey introduces his new book

This 4th edition is now the all-encompassing book on advanced soaring. New topics have been included, the structure of the book was changed, the page layout and graphics were much improved, the text has been revised or extended throughout, and the quality of many new photographs is simply spectacular – all courtesy of my editor, who until recently was the 35-year editor of the Canadian gliding magazine, Free Flight. learn more

2016 Oct.

John Buchanan wins in Kingaroy

Australia: The first three places went to ASG 29 pilots

After his success at the recent Australian Nationals, finishing in second place, now John Buchanan was able to become Australian 18m and Open class Champion in his ASG 29.

In summary, 10 competition days were flown, with John winning on four of them.

jansen_davidclaffey_tom The ASG 29 Pilots David Jansen and Tom Claffey completed the podium in 2nd and 3rd place at these 55th Australian Multiclass Nationals, which included the 18m as well as the Open Classes.

More information: Soaring Spot

2016 Sep.

Brian Birlison new UK Champion

ASG 29 pilot wins in the 18m class

A great success at the UK Nationals 2016: Brian Birlison wins the 18m class at the competition in Tibenham for the first time. Another four ASG 29 pilots were in the top ten.

More information: Soaring Spot

Pilot portrait:

Brian Birlison has been flying gliders since he was 13 years old, and has been instructing others to learn to fly since he was 20. learn more

2016 Aug.

ASG 32 Mi and ASG 29 E at the top

Hans Jürgen Schmacht and Michael Petzold win the qualification competition in Lachen-Speyerdorf (D)

Superb placings achieved by the ASG 32 Mi pilots at the qualification competition 2016 in Lachen-Speyerdorf (Germany). After 7 competition days, Hans Jürgen Schmacht and his 17 year old copilot Samuel Gries won the 20m two-seater class. On two days he placed first and on the other days he also achieved good placings, so that he had a good cushion of points at the end of the competition.

petzold_michaelMichael Petzold is the champion of the 18m class. He also was the winner on two days and led the field from the fourth day in his ASG 29 E. learn more