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AS 35 Mi

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2023 Feb.

Congratulations on outstanding academic results.

After the last training certificate awarded by the Bad Hersfeld-Fulda Employment Agency, there was now another reason to be happy, and it concerned one of our trainees.
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2023 Jan.

Training certificate 2022

On 15.12.2022, two representatives of the Bad Hersfeld-Fulda Employment Agency visited us to present our company with the training certificate for special efforts in the area of training.
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2023 Jan.

Employee Honoring 2022

Today we are talking about the heart of our company – OUR EMPLOYEES! Namely, those who have long ensured that our gliders are manufactured to the highest quality and those who take care of the development behind them.
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2022 Dec.

The AS 33 Me is now certified!

Good news before Christmas: The AS 33 Me is EASA certified as of today. This makes the AS34 Me & AS 33 Me the first two certified 18 m electric self launchers in the world.

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2022 Oct.

Serial number 211000

What comes to your mind when you see the following number: 1000?
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2022 Sep.

The AS 33 Me is airborne!

At 11:33 a.m. local time, the AS 33 Me finally took off for the first time from the Huhnrain factory airfield. It was flown by Tobias Mörsel, one of our engineers.

2022 Sep.

We congratulate!

Our two apprentices Naomi Bertsch and Nicolas Schnürle have successfully passed their apprenticeship exams!
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2022 Jul.

After almost 49 years into a well-deserved retirement

The fact that employees retire at regular intervals is no surprise for any company. But when an employee has been learning and later working in the same company since the age of 15, this is almost unusual today, but of course makes us all the more happy. learn more