2018 Jan.

Australian Multiclass Nationals:
AS pilots win three classes

Peter Temple, Don Woodward and Team Percival & Potter new National Champions

Pilots in Schleicher sailplanes achieved excellent results at the 56th Australian Multiclass Nationals 2018 in Waikerie.

18m class

Peter Temple

Peter Temple

ASG 29 E pilot Peter Temple claimed the title in the 18m class after three stage wins and good placing on the other days.

Adam Woolley (ASG 29 E) was the winner of the second competition day and with 3rd place in the final result he also stood on the podium.

Standard class and Open class:

Don Woodward in his ASW 24 won the Standard class by a large margin. He registered four daily wins.

The Open class team Scott Percival and Brett Potter won in the ASH 25. Very constant performances over the eight competition days helped the two pilots to victory. Benno Beesten placed 3rd in the final result.

Average speed of 170 km/h

While in the first week of the competition the weather was constantly weak, the second half offered fantastic conditions with a cloud base of nearly 15.000 ft (4500 m), conditions which make Australia the dreamland of every glider pilot.

The highlight was the last competition day. Peter Temple achieved an average speed of 170 km/h over a distance of more than 600 km in the 18m class.

In the standard class, Don Woodward rounded the 509 km task with 166 km/h in his ASW 24. ASH 31 Mi pilot Grant Hudson set an exclamation mark with an average speed of 167 km/h over a distance of 572 km in the Open class.

Sincere congratulations to all the winners!


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