2015 Nov.

The first 1000 km flights with the ASG 32 Mi

"Flying with the Champions" in Bitterwasser

Roman Michalowski and Fernando Silva have made the first two ASG 32 Mi 1000 km flights. Both pilots participated in the first “Flying with the champions” event in Bitterwasser, organized by Ludwig Starkl, Wolfgang Janowitsch and Dieter Schwenk.

On 10 November 2015 Roman Michalowski (USA) and Wolfgang Janowitsch (AT) flew 1066 km at an average speed of 136.5 kph. Nine days later, on the 19 November 2015, his fellow countryman Fernando Silva also broke the 1000 km mark with an average speed of 142 kph, accompanied by Arndt Hovestadt (D).

Congratulations for these fantastic flights!

OLC-Link to Roman Michalowski’s flight

OLC-Link to Fernando Silva’s flight