2016 Apr.

Louis Bouderlique wins the Spanish Grand Prix

Two ASG 29 pilots on the winner’s podium

FAI grand prix 2016 spain

ASG 29 pilots achieved excellent placements at the 2016 Spanish FAI Sailplane Grand Prix  in Cerdanya.

Louis Bouderlique

Louis Bouderlique

Philippe de Péchey

Philippe de Péchey

After five competition days, Louis Bouderlique in his ASG 29 E was right at the top. His team member Philippe de Péchy finished third, also in an ASG 29 E. Together with Christophe Ruch the podium was firmly in the hand of the French pilots.

The two British ASG 29 pilots Mike Young and Jon Gatfield followed in places four and five.

Other Schleicher pilots in the top ten were Christoph Limpert (D, ASW 27), Aldo Rodriguez (ES, ASW 20) and Felix Huttel (D, ASW 27).


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