Engine conservation is important!

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With a minimum of work more security and lifespan

winter-anhängerVital steps for proper engine conservation prior to temporary periods of inactivity (or seasonal breaks) are often not taken seriously enough by some aircraft owners. Unfortunately, annual inspections reveal such shortcomings all too often.

Even if a motorised glider is not stored in a damp trailer, the advice given in the maintenance and engine manual should be followed in the interest of future engine reliability and a long service life.


Further details can be found in the manuals of the various models. For your convenience we are providing the most important extracts below:


ASW 22 BE with Rotax 505 Germany United-Kingdom-flag-icon
ASW 22 BLE 50R with Diamond AE50R Germany United-Kingdom-flag-icon
ASW 24 E with Rotax 275 Germany
ASH 25 E with Rotax 275 Germany United-Kingdom-flag-icon
ASH 25 M with Diamond AE50R Germany United-Kingdom-flag-icon
ASH 25 Mi with Diamond IAE50R-AA Germany
ASH 26 E with Diamond AE50R Germany United-Kingdom-flag-icon
ASW 28-18 E with SOLO 2350 Germany


Air dehumidifiers (available at camping gear vendors) can be very helpful in reducing humidity by placing them into a sealed trailer or into a sealed engine compartment (e.g. into the barograph box).

You can find a supply source here: www.fritz-berger.de