2017 Aug.

US 18m Nationals:
Bruce Taylor wins with an ASG 29

Jerzy Szemplinski and Dave Springford also on the podium

Eight competition days, four day wins, first place overall.  Those are Bruce Taylor’s exceptional results which allowed him to win the US 18m Nationals with the ASG 29.

Uvalde, Texas, offered weather conditions which permitted tasks of nearly 600 km.

Two other ASG 29 pilots, Jerzy Szemplinski and Dave Springford, also finished on the podium.

All daily wins with ASG 29

Daily wins for the ASG 29 also on all the other competition days:

David Leonard (day 2), Gary Ittner (on day 3 together with Bruce Taylor and day 4), David Mockler (day 6) and Dave Springford (day 8).

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