2016 Aug.

ASG 32 Mi and ASG 29 E at the top

Hans Jürgen Schmacht and Michael Petzold win the qualification competition in Lachen-Speyerdorf (D)

Superb placings achieved by the ASG 32 Mi pilots at the qualification competition 2016 in Lachen-Speyerdorf (Germany). After 7 competition days, Hans Jürgen Schmacht and his 17 year old copilot Samuel Gries won the 20m two-seater class. On two days he placed first and on the other days he also achieved good placings, so that he had a good cushion of points at the end of the competition.

petzold_michaelMichael Petzold is the champion of the 18m class. He also was the winner on two days and led the field from the fourth day in his ASG 29 E.

Bernd Schwehm and Frank Fröhlich

Bernd Schwehm and Frank Fröhlich

With their new ASG 32 Mi, the duo Bernd Schwehm and Frank Fröhlich placed 3rd in the 20m two-seater class and also climbed onto the podium.

Stephan Bosch was also able to celebrate a great success in the 18m class. With good daily placings and a 1st place on the last competition day, he achieved 2nd place of the total ranking in his ASH 26 E.

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Photos: Münch / Fröhlich / Bosch