AS 33 Es – the turbo with a starter

AS 33 Es – the turbo with a starter
  • Engine operation in its simplest form
  • Start with almost no height loss

For the AS 33 sustainer power option we chose the proven ASG 29 Es SOLO 2350 – power system.  The „s” in the name designates the electric starter which is powered by an additional battery located in the engine compartment.

The engine control unit in the cockpit takes care of all necessary tasks so that the pilot need only operate one switch to extract and start the engine.  The previously required diving of the aircraft and the associated height loss is therefore a thing of the past.

Even the fuel cock opens and closes automatically. Nevertheless, an additional switch is located in the control unit which allows the pilot to operate the fuel cock manually in the event of an emergency.

This completely simplified power system operation has so far only been known in electric engines.

Only 12 seconds are required from pushing the switch until full engine power is available.

Retraction made Simple

Engine retraction is equally simple. For this, the control switch needs only to be set to „retraction” while the engine is running.  Then, not only the ignition is turned off but the starter motor also takes over the automatic braking and vertical positioning of the propeller. As soon as this is accomplished, the engine is retracted automatically. The pilot is able to devote all attention to flying the aircraft. The complete turning off and retraction procedure takes only about 15 seconds.

Photos: Manfred Münch