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…the most modern 15/18 m sailplane

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  • Die AS 33 – The new benchmark in the 18m Class

 For well over ten years the ASG 29 dominated the national and international contest scene in the 18m class. With the successor – the AS 33 – a completely new performance level has been created in the 15/18 class.


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Latest innovations in the area of numeric airstream simulations permitted decisive improvements in the flying performance. Among other things, our engineers were able to optimize the 3D airflow around the fuselage/wing transition as well as at the wingtips, using a commercial CFD coding process. The totally new wing of only 10 sq. meters (18m) permits a very high wing loading thereby achieving maximum performance in the high speed spectrum.

Wind Tunnel Measurements

The newly developed wing profiles, based on the latest aerodynamic insights and wind tunnel measurements, have all the characteristics of modern laminar profiles: very low drag combined with higher lift while circling and pleasant handling.

In addition to the very popular 18m version it will again be possible to fly in the FAI racing class with 15m span.  Because of the further inboard halfspan position at 5m, it was possible to achieve a performance optimal wing planform also with the smaller wingspan version.

Safety and Comfort – The „Well-being” Cockpit

The many new fuselage features offer even more comfort and pilot safety. For example, the structure includes the latest developments in crash safety.

In the cockpit, the new instrument panel design in carbon fibre and the elegant instrument cover are immediately noticeable. The handles for opening the sealed canopy are integrated into the canopy frame and grip recesses ensure safe operation. All control levers have their normal place so that one can immediately feel „Schleicher typically” right at home in the cockpit of the AS 33.

New, ergonomic rudder pedals contribute to stress free flying.  More space for the feet and a newly designed, in-flight adjustable seat pan and head rest are not just appreciated by larger pilots.

A console in the right cockpit wall houses all the water ballast controls, including the separately operating, electrically actuated waterballast valves of the inner and outer wings as well as that of the included standard tail tank.

Materials, Colours, Design

For the interior, customers may choose from among a large selection of colours and materials which allow a large degree of individualization based on their preferences.

Additional optional aerodynamic highlights are available for the AS33 exterior. Examples are the integrated bug wiper garages, the retractable tail wheel with the door folding to the inside, and the advanced cockpit ventilation.

We provide a wide range of canopy tints, registration marks, special trim designs and colours according to the pilot’s wishes, besides the characteristic 33-design. So, every pilot can realize the dream of a personal, individually styled AS 33, within the legal limitations.


Dolba transponder and FLARM antennas are located in the vertical fin. Optionally, an anti-collision light (ACL) can be installed in the vertical fin, providing effective optical collision warnings.


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Photos: M. Münch


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