AS 34 Me

Self-Launch Simply Electrically

AS 34 Me
  • Complete independence
  • in a proven standard class sailplane,
  • reduced to the essentials.

Our new entry in the electric independence

This affordable, competition capable 15m Standard Class sailplane with all its normal quality and safety features, combined with a powerful electrical propulsion system, opens new possibilities for casual pilots and clubs – optionally also with 18m span.

An uncomplicated self-launcher suitable for every day use was created by adapting a proven standard class sailplane to the electrical propulsion system already used in ASG 32 EI.  Thanks to the intuitive operation of the engine and the pleasant handling characteristics of the sailplane, it is a pure pleasure to fly at any time.

  • Proven, efficient high-voltage system
  • Air-cooled EMRAX motor with 35kW max. and 25kW cont. power output
  • No additional drag due to completely retractable propeller
  • Large propeller, matched exactly to the power output
  • Wing battery with safety case
  • State of the art safety cockpit




Practicable climbing altitude and range

After the self-launch, a further climbing height of 2250 m (7380 ft) is still available, which results in a range of 130 km (81 mi / 70 nm) using the climb and glide method.



Intuitive, coloured control unit, known from ASG 32 El.


Wing-tip wheels for completely independent self-launch.

18m option available.


We would be happy to provide you with additional information about equipment options by providing a quotation.  Simply contact us at:


AS 34 Me – The Simple Electric Self-Launcher


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