AS 35 Mi

… 20m pure independence

AS 35 Mi
  • AS 35 - the new open class

The AS 35 Mi is the next high performance sailplane from our company, which benefits from the latest aerodynamic findings and experiences of the last years.

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The AS 33 heralded a new era in wing profile optimization and proved that it is possible to build a sailplane with outstanding flight characteristics that also achieves very good climb performance with previously unattained high possible wing loads. With such high wing loads, fantastic high-speed performance can be achieved, leading to ever higher glide speeds.

Thus, the lower speed range in which gliders with large wingspans could score so far becomes more and more irrelevant. Thus, the best glide ratio as a measure for the performance of a glider has been a value of bygone days for quite some time.


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IAE 50R-AA Wankel from the ASH 31 Mi

IAE 50R-AA Wankel from the ASH 31 Mi

New computational models and CFD simulations make it possible to optimize the limits of what is possible more and more. Our answer to this is a newly designed 20 m wing, which combines the most important points based on the latest aerodynamic findings; very good performance in the high speed range and harmonious circling characteristics at very high wing loads.

The AS 35 Mi in the 20 m version has a wing area of 11.75 m² and can achieve a wing loading of over 62 kg/m² with a maximum take-off mass of 730 kg. This design, in combination with our wankel engine and the steerable retractable tail wheel, ensures good handling on the ground and allows absolute independence. Thanks to the use of modern calculation programs and increasingly high-quality materials, the weights of the individual components remain at a comparatively manageable low level.  The expected empty weight therefore also allows a version with 18 m wingspan and therefore competitive flying in a further competition class.

The perfect Allrounder

The high level of basic equipment makes the AS 35 Mi the perfect overall system. It includes extras such as the electric water ballast system, cockpit extraction, wing wheels or the acrylic paint finishes, which were otherwise only available as options. With its optional extras such as the mosquito wiper garages, solar cells, 18 m outer wing, LED – flash light in the tail fin or the leather interior, it remains customizable to any hobby or competition pilot. The perfect allrounder for weekend fun or fighting for the top of the world.



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