ASG 29 Es – the turbo with a starter

ASG 29 Es – the turbo with a starter
  • Engine operation in its simplest form
  • In-flight start with almost no height loss

For the motorization of the ASG 29 we were able to go back to the proven engine and operational system of the ASW 28-18 E. Engine extraction, starting, stopping and retraction functions were all performed by means of a single lever on the left cockpit wall.

The engine was started by diving the glider so that the propeller could be turned by the so-called wind-milling effect.

Neverthess, we have now fulfilled some pilots’ wishes to equip the ASG 29 E with a starter to avoid the height loss normally associated with an engine start.

From the ASG 29 E to the Es

This new engine operation concept means that besides the ASG 29 E there is now an additional variant: the ASG 29 Es.

The ASG 29 Es SOLO 2350 engine unit is equipped with an electric starter which is powered by an additional battery located in the engine compartment. The control unit in the cockpit takes over all the duties of the previous single lever so that the pilot now only has to operate a switch to extract and start the engine.

Even the fuel cock is opened and closed automatically. Nevertheless, there is an additional switch in the control unit which allows the pilot to operate the fuel cock manually in an emergency.

Retraction made easy

Engine retraction is just as easy. With the engine running, all that’s required is to move the switch to the “retract” position. With that not only is the ignition turned off but the starting motor also automatically brakes the propeller and positions it vertically. As soon as this is completed, the engine unit is independently retracted. The pilot can devote his complete attention to flying the aircaft. The whole engine stop and retraction procedure takes only about 15 seconds.

Photos: Manfred Münch