ASH 26 E

Self launching with 18m span

ASH 26 E
  • Soaring safaris, performance and independence.
  • Fun Flying - The ASH 26 E fulfils wishes.

The ASH 26 E is a self-launching powered sailplane with 18m span. The sailplane version ASH 26 has got preparations to enable a retrofitting of the engine unit at a later stage without large expenditure.


The roomy safety cockpit of the ASH 26 E, designed according to latest research results in the field of safety and accident protection, offers all modern comforts and ease of operation, even for tall pilots.

The rubber-shock-mounted, retractable landing gear using a big 350 x 125 tire and hydraulic disc brake, the in flight adjustable back rest, the upwards hinging instrument panel and the speed trim, are only some of the many available conveniences.


The high performance wing airfoil with boundary layer control by means of turbulator holes, combined with an outstanding construction quality, imparts to the ASH 26 E flight performances that are comparable to those of the former Open Class gliders.

Due to the high construction quality of the wing and of the control surface gap sealing it has been possible to build a production wing with a laminar airflow of 95% along the profile underside. The sophisticated control linkage system gives very good maneuverability and harmless flight characteristics, even in landing approach.

Optionally the ASH 26 E may be fitted with 0.45m high winglets.


The reliable and compact power-plant conception by SCHLEICHER, using a 37 kW (50 HP) strong rotary engine (made by Austro Engione), makes the ASH 26 E a powerful a self-launcher with excellent climb rate.

The advantages of the rotary engine regarding smooth running and low vibration are very effective not only with full throttle but also in the low performance range. This engine unit stands out for simple operation, very low noise emission also in the cockpit, quick assembly and re-assembly, as well as low fuel consumption.

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