ASK 21 Mi

To fly and to train whenever you want

ASK 21 Mi
  • Self launching, training, performance.
  • Enjoy independence - fly and have fun.

The concept

The recipe is straight forward. Take a very popular two-seater and fit a proven and powerful engine for conversion it into a self-launcher. What you get is a very interesting aircraft that opens the door for highly efficient training on one hand and allows independent operations without gliding infrastructure on the other.

Into the air at any time

Especially during the week, training and dual joy-flying becomes possible – even for less experienced pilots and on days when the weather is not entirely cooperative. Also, highly realistic outlanding training and efficient cross country coaching becomes possible without relying on outside help or assistance.

Much smaller, less expensive and easier to handle than open class gliders the ASK 21 Mi is a perfect alternative for gliding enthusiasts and pilots who appreciate the sophistication and reliability of our rotary engine technology.

Robust, easy to fly, stable in value

Gliding safaris, wave exploration or just a quick fun flight become reality with a minimum of effort and without involvement of others. For these and many other good reasons motorized gliders are enjoying an ever increasing popularity.

With the steerable nose wheel the ASK 21 Mi pilot is fully independent of any help on the ground. It’s easy to taxi the motorglider to the runway or to the parking place under its own power.

And all of that with one of the most produced two-seater, robust, durable, stable in value, with very docile flight characteristics combined with an easy handling on the ground and in the air.

After the introduction of the JAR-FCL regulations every pilot with a gliding license requires only a conversion to fly gliders such as the ASK 21 Mi. Take advantage of the many opportunities and enjoy a whole new dimension of gliding.

Complete engine control in the rear cockpit

Dual engine controls in front and back seat and logical engine operations ensure a very simple engine management, proved in many self launchers from Schleicher.

Powerful, proven and low fuel consumption

The well-proven, liquid and air cooled rotary engine produced by Austro Engine, is also installed in the ASK 21 Mi. It’s equipped with a dual ignition system and a fuel injection system for optimum ease of operation. This compact engine system with the special designed Schleicher propeller has proved its reliability in more than 500 self-launching Schleicher gliders.

Thanks to the electronic fuel-injection system, the fuel consumption is significantly lower compared to conventional two-stroke engines. Our 23 litre fuselage tank allows approx. 1,5 hour of engine running. Its modern fuel injection system features automatic altitude compensation to ensure that the generous power output of 41 kW (56 hp) is hardly compromised at altitude.

Another major advantage of the engine is the vibration-free running at all power settings. This allows extended power cruising for ferry flights and avoids the usual “Saw tooth” climb/cruise method. Even flying through controlled airspace at an assigned altitude presents no problem to this aircraft or its engine. It is best conducted at approx. 140 km/h (70 to 75 kt) and represents another most welcome advantage over conventional two-stroke technology.

Compact and maintenance friendly

A folding drive belt allows the engine to remain stationary in the fuselage where it is permanently connected to a large volume muffler. Only the propeller made by Schleicher, extends from the fuselage and can fully be retracted. It keeps the air resistance as low as possible.

Concerning maintenance, this engine also offers great advantages. The entire power plant can be easily removed. It has no service life limitations and doesn’t require an overhaul after reaching a certain number of running hours or years of service.

Today self launching sailplanes are very popular. The ASK 21 is one of the few airplanes that covers the full range, beginning with training, cross country flying, gliding safaris and simple, uncomplicated fun flying.

If you would like to know more about this two-seater, please look also at the sailplane ASK 21.

Photos: Manfred Münch

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