Condor IV

Condor IV

With the Condor IV, the first post-war high performance two-seater, Alexander Schleicher drew from Heini Dittmars successful designs from before the war. The slightly thicker fuselage in front of the vertical stabilizer and the top and bottom activating airbrakes differentiate the Schleicher Condor from the other Condor IVs.

Technical Data

 Muster / Type Condor IV
 Klasse / Class Doppelsitzer / Two seater
 Erstflug / Maiden flight 1953
 Herstellungszeitraum / Production period 1953 – 1954
 Stückzahl / Number of pieces 7
 Konstrukteuer / Designer Heini Dittmar
 Spannweite / Span 18 m
 Rumpflänge / Fuselage length 8.44 m
 Höhe / Height 1.6 m
 Flügelfläche / Wing area  21.2 m²
 Flügelstreckung / Wing aspect ratio 15.3
 Flügelprofil / Airfoil Gö 532
 Leermasse / Empty weight 358 kg
 Höchstflugmasse / Max. weight 560 kg
 Max. Flächenbelastung / Max. wing load 24.5 kg/m²
 Geringstes Sinken / Min. sink 0.7 m/s
 Gleitzahl / Best glide ratio 31

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