Rhönlerche I

Rhönlerche I

The Rhönlerche I, the last design by Alexander Schleicher of which only a prototype was built.

At this time the Schleicher built ES 49 and competitors’ models with closed cockpits offered much more comfort and better performance.

The Rhönlerche I flew for several years on the Wasserkuppe and subsequently in Ziegenhain before records for it disappeared.

Technical Data

 Muster / Type Rhönlerche I
 Klasse / Class Doppelsitzer / Double seater
 Herstellungszeitraum / Production period 1952
 Stückzahl / Number of pieces 1
 Konstrukteuer / Designer A. Schleicher / L. Krönung
 Spannweite / Span 13 m
 Rumpflänge / Fuselage length 6.87 m
 Höhe / Height 2.25 m
 Flügelfläche / Wing area  18.1 m²
 Flügelstreckung / Wing aspect ratio 9.35
 Flügelprofil / Airfoil Gö 535 / Gö 676
 Leermasse / Empty weight 210 kg
 Höchstflugmasse / Max. weight 380 kg
 Max. Flächenbelastung / Max. wing load 21 kg/m²
 Gleitzahl / Best glide ratio 18

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