Grunau Baby III

Grunau Baby III

Edmund Schneider had worked on an improved version of the “Grunau Baby II” even before WW2 but never finished the work. However, towards the end of the war he resumed the task so that the aircraft was flown during 1943/44.

Alexander Schleicher began producing “Baby III” in 1951. The first “Baby III” was serial number 01/51 and is therefore the first official post-war Schleicher aircraft. It was delivered to the customer on 26.8.1951.


Technical Data

 Muster / Type Grunau Baby III
 Klasse / Class Einsitzer / Single Seater
 Erstflug / Maiden flight 24.08.1951
 Herstellungszeitraum / Production period 1951 – 1955
 Stückzahl / Number of pieces 21
 Konstrukteuer / Designer Edmund Schneider
 Spannweite / Span 13.5 m
 Rumpflänge / Fuselage length 6.35 m
 Höhe / Height 1.6 m
 Flügelfläche / Wing area  14.4 m²
 Flügelstreckung / Wing aspect ratio 12.8
 Flügelprofil / Airfoil Gö 532 / Ende symm.
 Leermasse / Empty weight 164 kg
 Höchstflugmasse / Max. weight 260 kg
 Max. Flächenbelastung / Max. wing load 18 kg/m²
 Geringstes Sinken / Min. sink 0.9 m/s
 Gleitzahl / Best glide ratio 18

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