K 11

K 11

Even though Rudolf Kaiser designed and built the small motorglider (with its engine located in the nose) K 11 for himself alone, it still belongs in the list of post-war Schleicher aircraft.

This aircraft was created from Ka 6, K 8 and K 9 components and served as the precursor of the K 12/ ASK 14.

When the weather was not good enough to permit flying his own Ka 6 BR, Rudolf Kaiser was able to bridge the thermal gaps with the engine, which also gave it the name „Lückenbüßer“ (or „Gap Filler“).

After a long period of storage in Austria, the K 11 has been brought back to life with great effort by Klaus Seemann who is now flying it in the Rhön at Bad Neustadt.


Technical Data

 Muster / Type K 11
 Klasse / Class Motorsegler / Motorglider
 Startart / Take-off Selbststart / Self launching
 Sitze / Seats 1
 Erstflug / Maiden flight August 1964
 Herstellungszeitraum / Production period 1964
 Stückzahl / Number of pieces 1
 Konstrukteuer / Designer Rudolf Kaiser
 Spannweite / Span 12.84 m
 Rumpflänge / Fuselage length 6.5  m
 Höhe / Height 1.6 m
 Flügelfläche / Wing area 12.6 m²
 Flügelstreckung / Wing aspect ratio 13.1
 Flügelprofil / Airfoil Joukowsky-Tropfen mit NACA-Mittellinie
 Leermasse / Empty weight 200 kg
 Höchstflugmasse / Max. weight 320 kg
 Max. Flächenbelastung / Max. wing load 25.4 kg/m²
 Geringstes Sinken / Min. sink 1.0 m/s
 Gleitzahl / Best glide ratio 19
 Motor / Engine Göbler-Hirth F 10A 1a
 Motor-Art / Engine type 2-Zylinder-2-Takt
 Startleistung / Take-Off Power 19 kW (25 PS) @ 5000 U/min
 Propeller Kaiser 560-74-134
 Durchmesser / Diameter 1.30 m

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