2015 Aug.

Mario Kießling is German Champion with ASG 29 E

ASW 22 BLE pilot Stephan Beck wins second place – photo gallery

Mario Kießling ASG 29 E "SI" - waiting for the take off

Mario Kießling ASG 29 E "SI" - waiting for the take off

The 2015 German 18m and Open class championships in Stendal were exercises in patience for the competitors. While during the training period the weather conditions permitted flights of over 300km, on the first competition day the weather gods promptly turned the thermals off.


kießling_mario P 2015 IIIt wasn’t until the sixth competition day that there was any flying at all, and then only a small task was set which, finally, was worth only a maximum of 260 points. That was followed by more rain days. But at the end of the competition the weather gods finally came to their senses. While thermals started very late, the last days’ distances did reach 400 km. Thanks to the use of replacement days, four valid competition days were achieved after all.

In the 18m class it soon looked as if the win would be decided among the ASG 29 pilots. At the end Mario Kießling (ASG 29 E) was ahead by a nose. Despite a win on the last competition day, Matthias Sturm (ASG 29) lacked a single point to tie for the win and was overall second, followed by Michael Streit (ASG 29 E) in third and the Swedish guest pilot Markus Ganev (ASG 29 E) in fourth place. Sebastian Huhmann, Claus Triebel, Andreas Kessler, Sikko Vermeer (NL), Michael Petzold and Thomasz Dul came next in that order and ensured that the first ten places went to ASG 29 pilots.

Stephan Beck

In the Open class, ASW 22 BLE pilots achieved exceptional results time and again. On the first competition day Norbert Kalisch even put himself in the lead. Stephan Beck achieved consistently high placings with his ASW 22 BLE and was rewarded with second place overall at the end. With Natalie Lübben (8th), Peter Kremer (9th) and Norbert Kalisch (10th) four ASW 22 BLE pilots were able to place in the top ten.

We sincerely congratulate all the pilots of both classes for their titles and achievements.

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Here again is a photo gallery of all AS pilots who competed in the 2015 German championships at Stendal:

Fotos: Manfred Münch