2016 May.

2016 Polish Open Class Championships

Barszcz, Matkowski and Centka on the podium

ASG 29 pilot Jakub Barszcz is the new Polish Open Class champion. Second place went to our Polish representative Christoph Matkowski in his ASH 31 Mi, followed by Janusz Centka with an ASG 29 E.

Venue of the 2019 European Championships

Christoph Matkowski, Jakub Barszcz, Janusz Centka

Christoph Matkowski, Jakub Barszcz, Janusz Centka

The Polish championships were carried out in Stalowa Wola, the planned venue for the 2019 European Championships near the Ukrainian border.

Because of the small number of meteorology stations in the area it was not always easy to figure out the weather situation which led to interesting conditions.

Nevertheless, some very high average speeds were achieved. The fastest daily average speed was achieved on the second day by Christoph Matkowski with his ASH 31 Mi at over 140 km/hr. This was still only good for third place for the day because of the application of handicap factors.

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