2016 Jan.

“Rhön-Adler” – English Edition

Peter F. Selinger and Hans Jürgen Schmacht introduce the English edition of the Schleicher book.

The English edition of Peter Selinger’s new Schleicher book „Rhön-Adler“ was already announced at the official launch of the German version at the Aero 2015. Shortly before the end of last year it was ready and we had the first volumes in our possession.

The author, Peter F. Selinger, and Hans Jürgen Schmacht, who was responsible for layout and technical changes, have again invested a lot of time to permit customers and fans throughout the world to read all about the history of Schleicher.

Karl L. Nickel, Jan Scott and Jürgen Melzer translated the contents of this third edition and thereby contributed very greatly to the realization of this project.

The third edition of the Schleicher book „Three Generations of Alexander Schleicher Sailplanes“ does not just contain updates about the most recent types of sailplanes and happenings but also contains additions to the previous content. Consequently, the number of pages has increased to 340.

Many photos and detailed drawings take the reader on a journey through time of the now 90 year history of the sailplane manufacturer Alexander Schleicher as well as the development of sailplanes in general.

Both books are available at the specially created on-line shop: www.schleicher-buch.de