2016 Jul.

Swiss Nationals 2016 in Schänis

Rolf Friedli wins with a significant point lead

Photo: Schänis Soaring

Photo: Schänis Soaring

With an impressive lead of almost 500 points Rolf Friedli won the 18m class of the Swiss Nationals 2016. Fredy Zulliger (left) placed 2nd. Jürg Haas (right) and Christine Bürki followed in places three and four. All these pilots flew ASG 29.

The 18m class was the most strongly contested group with the most participants. Flying was possible on all the competition days except the very first one. However, the hot and humid conditions during the competition were quite stressful for the pilots.

With a 3rd place in the Open class ASH 31 Mi pilot Gabriel Rossier also managed to secure a podium position. Stefan Zlot (ASW 27) placed 2nd in the 15m class.

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