2023 Nov.

Meet Itamar our new AS – Family member

Today we are happy to welcome Itamar to our AS Family as the new sales representative for brazil. To introduce him to you all, we asked him to give us a small introduction that you can find in this article.

He is not only a gliding pilot but also a aeronautical engineer of the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA, whose journey has been etched between the thermals and good winds of the atmosphere.
In 2011, with wings that span innovation and daring, Lessa embarked on a transformative exchange in France, participating in the historic E-Fan project by EADS Innovation Works—a venture that witnessed the pioneering electric plane crossing the English Channel. After that Lessa returned to Brazil as a wind resource engineer, working also with operational asset performance and new energy business opportunities. Since 2021, he has held the position of Director at the renewable energy trading company, focusing on energy commercialization. A trailblazer in the skies and the energy domain, Lessa seeks to connect the synergy between the natural power of gliding with the aspirations of renewable energy.

But Lessa’s journey transcends mere boundaries of academia and professional career. With a passion that took flight in 2009, he embraced gliding, securing pilot licenses in both Brazil and France, accumulating over 1200 hours of flight time. As a testament to his skill and dedication, Itamar claimed the title of Brazilian Gliding Champion in 2018 and secured the Vice-Champion position in 2019. Not content with ordinary skies, Lessa soared even higher, setting five 15-meter records with his trusted ASW20B glider. However, the pinnacle of achievement was reached alongside his compatriot Sérgio Andrade. Together, they shattered norms, achieving three South American records during an unprecedented ASH30 flight that broke the 1000km FAI barrier. We dont only want to tell you his story, but give you a first impression about him and show you the face of the man that will make your gliding dreams in brazil come true.

Bem-vindo de Poppenhausen ao Brasil, Itamar and all the best on our way!