2017 Dec.

Sebastian Kawa flies more than 800 kilometers in Ukraine

Wave flight in December with an ASH 25 Mi - Photo Gallery

While at this time of the year all pilots are looking at the soaring centers in Namibia, South America or Australia, Sebastian Kawa makes a flight with more than 800 km in Europe.

Following weeks of diplomatic negotiations he received permission to fly above the Gorgany Mountains in western Ukraine. After take-off at a small airfield in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains on 14 December 2017 with Jens Kroeger’s ASH 25 Mi, Sebastian and his copilot Piotr Bobula flew along the mountain range to the Romanian border.

Especially the last part of the flight was very dramatic, because of the strong snowstorms and wind speeds of 100 km/h. So they had to land in Arlamow on Polish territory close to the Ukrainian border.

At the end of the day 802.9 km were achieved, and 4th place in the OLC daily results compared to all the other worldwide flights, not flying in snowstorms and very cold temperatures.

On 5 November he had already made a flight of about 600 km to the Ukrainian border.

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