2022 Oct.

Serial number 211000

What comes to your mind when you see the following number: 1000?

Even Rudolf Kaiser would probably not have suspected that the ASK 21 would reach this serial number when it made its maiden flight in 1979. But 43 years later, the time has come. In 2022, we were able to achieve something that we could only dream of in the development of a new glider type. To produce an glider type over 1000 times is something that only a few Schleicher glider types have achieved to date. This puts the ASK 21 in the list next to popular gliders like the Ka 6 and the K 8. We are very proud to have been able to establish an aircraft at the base of gliding.

To this day, the ASK 21 as well as the ASK 21 B remains an important part of glider and glider aerobatic training and we look forward to producing many more ASK 21 B for customers around the world. We are happy that the serial number 211000 will remain close by, as its new home will be the Wasserkuppe at Rhönflug Poppenhausen. And this can also be seen in the registration number. The factory number 211000 bears D-7922 as its registration number, immortalizing the maiden flight and the year of delivery of the 1000th ASK 21.


Our workers "marking" the 1000th ASK 21

Our workers "marking" the 1000th ASK 21

In these 43 years, many different employees of our company have participated in manufacturing the ASK 21 for customers in the highest quality. Today every employee is proud to have broken this ” record barrier “. You can see how happy and proud we are on our new company picture, which we took for this special occasion.

It is a special recognition for us that the ASK 21, despite the fast pace of many model variants, has been able to hold its own for so long and continues to be a constant in our product range. 95 years of Alexander Schleicher, 43 years and more with the ASK 21 in our portfolio. We are grateful for this milestone.

May we celebrate serial number 212000 in 2065.


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