2017 Jun.

Sikko Vermeer is the 2017 Dutch Champion

The ASG 29 Es pilot wins the 18m class in Terlet

Hadriaan van Nes, Sikko Vermeer, Jelmer Wassenaar

Hadriaan van Nes, Sikko Vermeer, Jelmer Wassenaar

We congratulate Sikko Vermeer who became the new Dutch 18m class champion at the „KLM Flight Academy Nationale Kampioenschappen“. He had consistently high daily placings, never coming lower than fourth.

He took the overall lead with a second place on day 5 and reinforced that with a win the following day.

Steven Raimond (ASG 29 Es) had held the lead up until then, finally placing 4th overall, followed by René de Dreu our representative for the Benelux countries, also flying an ASG 29 Es (day win on the first competition day).

Dennis Schouten (ASH 26 E) placed seventh overall, Hans Biesters (ASG 29 Es) placed 9th, followed by Willem Dortu (ASH 26 E) in tenth.

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