2018 Dec.

The AS Design Team Introduces Itself

LTR: Joschka Schmeisl, Paul Anklam, Andreas Storch, Ulrich Simon, Tobias Mörsel, Manfred Münch

LTR: Joschka Schmeisl, Paul Anklam, Andreas Storch, Ulrich Simon, Tobias Mörsel, Manfred Münch


With the new AS 33 Alexander Schleicher breaks with the decades long tradition of including the designer’s name in a new aircraft’s model designation. This shows even more emphatically that new developments from the Schleicher design division are products of teamwork. At the same time the depth of development expertise within Schleicher is significantly increased through the use of new technologies such as, for example, modern CFD software.

After the recent, well-deserved retirement of Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heide, the last “named” designer, we would now like to introduce our current design team. It is led by three highly qualified aerospace engineers, supported by other extremely experienced collaborators.

This means that the Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau design team is ideally constituted and equipped to deal with future design challenges.


Joschka Schmeisl

Leader of Design and Production

In the AS design team since 2003

„To shape the creation of an aircraft from the initial concept all the way to marketing, to coordinate the whole process and then to actually fly it myself, is one of the most rewarding activities I can imagine.“


Paul Anklam

Dipl.-Ing. Aerospace, Technical University Dresden

In the AS design team since 2013

„To be able to create a product such as a sailplane, to which one also has an emotional tie as a personal hobby, from the first draft all the way to series production is tremendously instructive and motivating.“


Ulrich Simon

M. Sc. Aerospace, University of Stuttgart

In the AS design team since 2017

„It is a lot of fun and at the same time a big challenge to re-develop the aerodynamics of modern sailplanes, based on proven designs, using the latest computational methods.“


Tobias Mörsel

M. Sc. Aerospace, Technical University Berlin

In the AS design team since 2018

„To go to the limits of the possible or even to advance them with every new development in the many disciplines involved in the construction of aircraft has a special appeal for me. Meeting these challenges and creating top quality products with such a team brings me a lot of enjoyment.“


Manfred Münch

In the AS design team since 1981

„It is an exciting and fulfilling task to be able to contribute and collaborate in the development and construction of sailplanes, beginning with Rudolf Kaiser right up to today’s young engineers. The combination of craftsmanship with high-tech in sailplane design and construction is unique and makes this task especially appealing.“


Andreas Storch

In the AS design team since 2010

The complete sailplane development process, up to series construction and type support is a very complex and interesting activity. Especially inspiring is to finally see your own designs as components in each and every aircraft.“


Photo: Peter Schleicher