2019 Jun.

Tomasz Rubaj and Christoph Matkowski are 2019 European Champions with the ASG 32 Mi

ASG 29 E pilot Karol Staryszak second in the 18m class

Difficult weather and tight standings made the 2019 European Championships in Stalowa Wola exciting right up to the end.

Despite the complicated conditions the Tomasz Rubaj and Christoph Matkowski team in the ASG 32 Mi was able to maintain its lead in the 20m two-seater class from the first to the last day. Unfortunately, only 6 valid competition days were possible during the 14 day competition and longer distances were the exception.

After wins at the 2017 European Championships and 2018 World Championships this was Christoph Matkowski’s third big win in row with the ASG 32 Mi.

Only a few points separated ASG 29 pilot Karol Staryszak from the winner Sebastian Kawa in the hotly contested 18m class.

We sincerely congratulate all the new European Champions.

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