2023 Mar.

AERO 2023 without Alexander Schleicher

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we will not be participating in the AERO exhibition in 2023. Various reasons have led to this decision, and we would like to explain these factors in more detail.

The AERO and other events are great opportunities to engage in direct dialogue about current aircraft or new developments. Such an event is not only a good place for advertising but also a catalyst for long-term cooperation or friendships.

However, what is often forgotten is the enormous effort that is required from us as a manufacturer. We need a high number of resources for preparation and execution, with many people involved in providing the best possible exhibition experience. This means that other things that would rely on these resources must be neglected or postponed. The “corona years” have also taken a toll on our team, which has been an additional burden. This, combined with the current shortage of skilled workers, has cost us a lot of money and energy. We must think of our team and consolidate existing resources and prioritize accordingly.

Additionally, we have been dissatisfied with the timing of the AERO for some time. In many parts of Europe, the gliding season is already in full swing at this time. This means that a significant portion of our target audience is in the air and chasing kilometers instead of attending the exhibition. Despite the significant financial and time investment that our team has made for this event, the results achieved were unfortunately often not in line with our expectations. We look forward to every conversation with each of you face to face, but at the end of the day, we must also consider the economic factor.

We will miss networking and engaging with you as much as you will miss us. However, we believe that there could be a better experience for both you and us in a different setting, one that is more focused on exchanging ideas and insights among gliding enthusiasts. Gliding is just a small part of the AERO, and in recent years, it has been somewhat overshadowed by the event’s complexity and variety. We have always enjoyed being a guest and exhibitor at the AERO and have no intention of staying away forever. Therefore, we hope to find a common ground and a good solution for everyone.