2015 Apr.


Many interesting things on the Schleicher stand

Again this year there was much to see and discover at our AERO exhibition stand. No, it was not just the big highlights such as the new electric sustainer ASG 32 El which caught the interest of the visitors. The new electric starter of the ASG 29 E and many other real eye-catchers were presented to the public for the first time.

ASG 32 El - Electric sustainer and Colour

For the first time a complete ASG 32 was shown at the AERO exhibition, after the presentation of just the fuselage two years ago.

Battery power in the fuselage

Battery power in the fuselage

The completely new and forward-looking electric turbo system was developed by a consortium under Schleicher’s leadership. A fully automated operation and a fast engine start without loss of height characterise this new low-noise and low-vibration engine system.

The 20 minute runtime of the 25kW electric motor under max. power and a climb rate of approx. 1,3 m/s provide the ASG 32 with an operating range of 100 km which makes this airplane a motor glider for everyday use.

Both, the self launching single rotary engine system of the ASG 32 Mi and the electric sustainer of the ASG 32 Mi, share the same engine compartment. This engine compartment is also integrated in the ASG 32 pure sailplane version which permits the later installation of an engine system with much less effort.

“Must a modern sailplane only be painted white?” was the question to the AERO visitors. “No” is the answer of the ASG designer Michael Greiner.

Good bye monotony

Good bye monotony

Currently, the ASG 32 is the only series-built sailplane which can be painted completely in various colours. This provides for the possibility of applying large areas of colour on fuselage, tail and wings.

Using the example of a model glider by the company Tomahawk-Design (scale 1:2.6), a possible partial coloured paintwork scheme was displayed. But it’s also possible to use the colour for the entire glider.

Even in the age of FLARM it’s important to further improve visibility in the air. White colour has a low contrast against clouds and blue sky. Orange and red stand out very clearly against all the natural backgrounds (sky, clouds, vegetation, snow).

At present the approval procedure covers the colours Pure Orange (RAL 2004), Traffic Orange (RAL 2009) and Traffic Red (RAL 3020). If required, further colours can be certified.

ASG 29 Es – now not just with an electric starter

Even a multiple world champion glider can offer development potential in some areas. Equipment variations, originally developed for other models, are now also available for the ASG 29.

For example, bug wipers on our very successful 18m glider can now be stored in so-calIed “bug-wiper garages” to preserve the optimum airflow in the sensitive fuselage-wing transition.

For competition pilots an easily installed tail wheel cover is available. This provides a simple but effective aerodynamic cover for the wheel.

Upon customers request, registration numbers and competition numbers can be over-coated with a clear coat and finished cleanly, so that no paint edges can be felt on the transition to the high-quality smooth white surface.

Es - a new type variant

More and more Sailplanes are equipped with engine systems. The operation of such a system should be very simple. With the single lever engine control system of the ASW 28-18 E and the ASG 29 E this requirement has already been fulfilled. Nevertheless, for the ASG 29 Es we have developed an additional operation concept, which further simplifies the handling. The “s” in the type name stands for an electric starter with which the well proven Solo 2350 two-cylinder two-stroke engine can be equipped.

The previous single lever engine control system is replaced by a switch on the left cockpit wall. With this switch the engine can be extended and it also operates the electric starter. The complete process lasts only 12 sec. from starting the extension procedure up to achieving full engine power. Because windmilling is not required to start the engine, there is no related altitude loss.

With only one touch of the switch the ignition is turned off and the starter motor takes over slowing down and vertical positioning of the propeller. This procedure takes only 15 seconds, and is finished by closing of the engine compartment doors.

ASH 31 Mi: more room in the instrument panel

There are also innovations for our very successful 21m-motorglider ASH 31 Mi.

The ILEC engine control instrument now also comes in a smaller size, comparable with a 57mm instrument, as has already been used in the ASH 31 Mi and in the ASG 32 Mi. This offers more room for other instruments.

The ASH 31 Mi can now also be equipped with garages for bugwipers.

More and more variants for the interior

In cooperation with the company INTERIEUR we can offer more and more high quality cockpit interiors. The exhibited aircraft were also equipped with these interiors.

There are not only many variants in colours and materials available, but also the characteristics of the foam in the seat upholsteries can be varied with different densities.

In extreme situations, special materials can have a shock-absorbing effect and provide the pilot with additional protection.

Photos: Manfred Münch