2019 Dec.

AS 33 – Maiden Flight is within reach

First photo shooting with the complete aircraft

In the last few weeks there wasn’t so much news about our new AS 33. The reason for this was the ground vibration test, which was performed successfully by an external institution in the last three weeks.

Besides the wing load test, which we already passed last spring, the ground vibration test is one of the most important tests on the way to the EASA certification.

It is very important for us to offer our customers a glider, which can achieve the final EASA certification as soon as possible after the maiden flight. That is why we decided to pass this important but also time-consuming test before the eagerly awaited maiden flight of our brand new AS 33.

To identify the mode shapes of the glider’s structure and control system in a ground vibration test, about 80 acceleration sensors have to be attached on the whole glider. Then each single mode shape can be tuned and recorded in order to perform the flutter analyses with the measured mode shapes. The flutter analyses can be used to check whether critical flutter cases are present below the design maximum speed. It must be shown that the glider is free from flutter up to this speed, which is above the never exceed speed (VNE).

Right now the nearly flight-ready prototype is again back at our factory in Poppenhausen. We took some pictures to give you a first impression of our new 18m glider.

We are now looking forward to complete the last few jobs with recovered strength in the New Year and to perform the maiden flight in the first few weeks in 2020. So we wish all our employees, customers and supporters nice winter holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Photos: Ulrich Simon and Manfred Münch