2020 Jul.

The AS 34 Me is almost ready

Fine tuning of the electrical propulsion system

The first flight of the AS 34 Me, our new, self-launching, electro sailplane, is almost here. Our design team is currently working on fine tuning the control unit, the engine regulator and the battery management system (BMS) in addition to all its safety features.

From one to two

The main challenge in the development of this leading edge propulsion system was to further develop the ASG 32 EI electric retrieve system components to a self-launching motorsailplane system. The key change in the system architecture was to modify the battery block from the original fuselage position to two separate batteries located in the wings as well as to increase battery performance.

True to our motto „Self-launch simply electrically with absolute independence and reduced to the essential“ with the AS 34 Me we are aiming at pilots who are primarily interested in fun flying but who don’t want to go without the advantages of self-launching. Very simple propulsion system controls and clearly reduced maintenance requirements will not take away from the reality of the soaring adventure.

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Photos: M. Münch