2019 Oct.

An ASW 12 is Brought Back to Life

Hans-Peter Elkmann Fulfills a Dream from his Youth

Even after 52 years it’s not too late to fulfill a dream. Hans-Peter Elkmann did just that with the purchase of a “legendary” ASW 12. Recently, he sent us a few emotional words about this event which we are happy to publish here. Also, as the manufacturer, we are naturally especially happy about such a nice story and that the ASW 12, a milestone in the company’s history, continues to draw its circles in the sky.

– – –

Growing up as an “airport kid” I was only familiar with the Rhönlerche, ES 49, Doppelraab, L-Spatz and the high performance Ka 6. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when in the summer of 1966 I saw an ASW 12 at the Wasserkuppe. So slender, so elegant, completely in white and equipped for landing only with a brake parachute, it seemed to me to be a UFO from another world.

When Gerhard Waibel made a low pass of less than 5 meter height and was able to climb again in a thermal and flew for another hour, my excitement knew no limits.


As a youth of modest means it appeared to me then that obtaining such a super sailplane would be impossible. But, in 1973 I obtained a glider license and currently have flown 4,500 hours on 30 different types of sailplanes.

Although it had no airbrakes and thus a rather exotic type, the ASW 12 stayed in my dreams. By accident I heard of an ASW 12 which was located at LTB Lindner but had no certificate of airworthiness. In addition, it turned out to be the ASW 12 in which Hans-Werner Grosse had made his record flight to Biarritz in 1972.

After a few telephone calls I was able to convince the owner to re-obtain the certificate of airworthiness and to sell me this fine sailplane.

The C of A renewal took some time and it was almost a year until I was able to pick up the 12 at Lindner’s.

Arriving at the Borghorst airport after a seven hour drive in the most beautiful soaring conditions the next step was obvious: rig the glider and fly!!!

Said and done. At around 6 p.m. my friend Kalle towed me with the Piper Super Cub into the Westphalian sky. After 52 years my youthful dream had been fulfilled!

The same as with the purchase of my first motorbike at the age of 18, I spent the night sleeping on a couch beside my “new one”.

Hans-Peter Elkmann