2019 Dec.

ASW 28 B – Club Sailplane and much more

Update of the popular Standard Class Aircraft

An uncomplicated single seater in which everyone feels at home immediately, with outstanding flying performance and the well-known Schleicher safety features.  That’s everyone’s image of the ideal club aircraft. Exactly these conditions are met by the ASW 28 B.

A flying student coming, for example, from the ASK 21 will quickly become friends with the ASW 28 B and be motivated to make the first longer cross-country flights. The ASW 28 B will be a valued companion up to the first competitions and beyond.

The B version’s cockpit now includes some of the updated features originally meant for the new AS 33.  The ergonomic rudder pedals and the re-designed in-flight adjustable seat back benefit all pilots, especially those who are taller.  The instrument pedestal has also been re-designed.

The aerotow hook has also been moved to the front of the nose. The triple-bladed airbrakes provide more airbrake effectiveness.

The ASW 28 B – the all-rounder: uncomplicated for club operations, all sorts of performance for competitions, long service life, value retaining – a valuable investment.

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