2015 Mar.

Federal Chancellor Mrs A. Merkel visits the AS exhibition stand in Munich

ASH 31 Mi shown on the Trade Exhibition in Munich

It was an honour for us to welcome our Federal Chancellor Mrs A. Merkel on our exhibition stand in Munich.

Manager Ulrich Kremer was pleased about the interest of Chancellor A. Merkel. He explained her that high tech products out of modern fibre material are produced in Poppenhausen in expensive handwork.

Chancellor Mrs A. Merkel was impressed by the high craft quality of the ASH 31 Mi. She was concerned about our manager’s wife, Mrs Ursula Kremer, who was sitting at that time in the cockpit. Mrs Chancellor A. Merkel insisted on “rescuing” her out of the cockpit.

Before visiting the AS exhibition stand, Mrs Chancellor A. Merkel visited the main German Trade Associations. So she didn’t have much time for visiting the fair. The AS exhibition stand was one of the main stands she visited during her short 15 minutes stay at the fair.