2018 Jan.

Electro ASG 32 EI Type Certificated!

The first 20m two-seater with electric retriever engine

A few days ago the EASA sent us some good news: the electro ASG 32 EI has received its type certificate and thereby becomes the first 20m two-seater to be certified with an electric retriever engine.

This electro propulsion system is a completely new, independent design developed under our leadership by a consortium.  Therefore we are especially proud to be able to offer a forward-looking propulsion system which, because of its very low emission characteristics, is a very good match with our self-launching ASG 32 for use in soaring.

Little noise, good climb rate

Advantages of an electric propulsion system are minimum noise production and constant climb rates even at high altitudes.

The 34 hp synchronous motor can be run under full power for 20 minutes. Climb rates of 1.3 m/s provide an effective range of 100 km using the saw-tooth climb and glide method – even with two pilots on board.

In-house Production

Other outstanding features of this propulsion system are the battery pack, housing more than 1,200 lithium-ion cells in the standard ASG 32 engine bay, and the simple engine operation.  The large 1.55 m diameter propeller, optimized for the engine performance characteristics and also manufactured in-house, provides the required climb efficiency.

For us, the only small negative has been the certification delay of several months due to the well-known problems with the FES-System. Because of these issues the certification authorities decided to thoroughly re-examine all related factors, even though the basic design of the ASG 32 EI battery unit differs significantly from that of the energy storage unit used in the FES system.

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