2017 Apr.

Great interest at the 2017 Aero

A trend towards Electropropulsion

Again this year the Schleicher stand at the 2017 Aero in Friedrichshafen was consistently busy. A large number of visitors used the occasion to sit in one of the sailplanes on display or ask questions which were gladly answered by the AS Exhibition team.

With the 20m two-seaters ASG 32 Mi and ASG 32 EI, the 18m class ASG 29 Es and the compact open class sailplane ASH 31 Mi, interested pilots from within and outside of Germany had the most modern aircraft from our model range available to them.

The main focus of interest were the ASG 29 Es with its electric starter and simplest possible engine operation as well the electric propulsion system of the ASG 32 EI. This newly developed electric sustainer engine for the 20m two-seater fits precisely into today’s trend towards electric flight.

Three propulsion systems on display

Wankel self-launcher in the ASH 31 Mi and ASG 32 Mi, two-stroke sustainer in the ASG 29 Es and electric sustainer in the ASG 32 EI – visitors were able to obtain detailed information about all three Schleicher-built propulsion systems and to try out their respective operating concepts.

Seating Revelations

Larger pilots were repeatedly amazed by the comfortable cockpit seating of the Schleicher sailplanes. For example, the outstanding seating position of the ASH 31 Mi was successfully transferred to the ASG 32 and ASH 30 Mi and even to the thinner fuselage of the ASG 29, thus providing plenty of room for pilots of all sizes.

Anniversary this Year

Another theme at the Schleicher stand this year was the 90th anniversary of the firm. By means of a big multimedia display and a specially developed brochure, visitors were able to learn how sailplanes are built today and how important ongoing research and development is in the process.  The 8400 aircraft built since the re-start of construction in 1951 are themselves an impressive number.

Photos: Manfred Münch