2017 May.

Jerzy Szempliski wins the US Grand Prix and Region 5 North Contest

Sean Fidler and Tom Kelley also on the podium with their ASG 29s - Perry: ASH 31 Mi pilots in front

ASG 29 pilot Jerzy Szemplinski has had a very successful start to the season.

To begin with the Canadian won the US Grand Prix in Orlando. Then, three weeks later, Jerzy again found himself right at the top of the podium at the US Region 5 North contest in the 18m class.

2017 US Sailplane Grand Prix in Orlando

Tom Kelley, Jerzy Szemplinski, Sean Fidler

Tom Kelley, Jerzy Szemplinski, Sean Fidler

Eight out of a total of 12 competitors were ASG 29 pilots at the US Grand Prix in Orlando.

Jerzy Szemplinksi was able to secure the overall title with daily wins on the 2nd and 4th competition days and good placings on the remaining days.


Sean Fidler (2nd) and Tom Kelley (3rd) completed the ASG 29 trio on the podium.

More information: US FAI 2017 Grand Prix

Maria Szemplinska photographed

Jerzy’s wife Maria Szemplinska was the contest photographer and has sent us very impressive photographs which beautifully reflect the competition events: US 2017 SGP

Maria Szemplinska Neetka Photography

Region 5 North in Perry SC

A total of 66 pilots in four classes competed at the Perry (South Carolina) US Region 5 North contest. With four daily wins over the four competition days, Jerzy Szemplinski achieved an even 4000 points and a clear victory in the 18m class.

ASH 31 Mi pilots in front

Doug Jacobs won the Open Class with his ASH 31 Mi, followed in second place by Sam Zimmermann, also in an ASH 31 Mi.

ASW 27 pilot Fernando Silva placed third in the FAI 15m Racing Class.

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