2023 Aug.

Journeyman exam mastered!

Our light aircraft builder apprentices have passed their journeyman exams.

Unten v. L. n. R.: Marius Johannes, Andreas Sebald & Jan Medic

Unten v. L. n. R.: Marius Johannes, Andreas Sebald & Jan Medic

With full of pride we would like to congratulate our three talented apprentices for successfully passing their journeyman’s examination as light aircraft builders.

The profession of light aircraft builder is one of the most diverse trades and we are always pleased when we are able to introduce people to this special profession. Especially when they practice it with as much commitment as our three newly qualified journeymen.

During their apprenticeship, they not only dedicated themselves to the required technical knowledge, but also developed a strong sense of teamwork and an admirable work ethic.

However, this journeyman exam milestone is just the beginning of their journey. We are confident that their skills and knowledge will form the basis for a promising professional career. As a company, we are proud to have such dedicated and talented apprentices in our ranks.

We are very happy that Andreas and Marius will stay with our team in production.

Marius Johannes will be responsible for assembling and adjusting the aircraft controls in the raw assembly.

Andreas Sebald will be deployed in repair and maintenance.

In addition, we are also very happy to be able to offer Jan the opportunity of further training as a technical product designer and to welcome him to the design team in the future.

We thank you for the last 3 years of apprenticeship, it was always a nice and fun time. Once again our warmest congratulations for this remarkable achievement and we look forward to continued successful cooperation.