2021 Dec.

The 15m-version of the AS 33 is certified!

There is pleasant news coming from Cologne: the 15 m configuration is certified for the AS 33 Es!

After intensive flight testing and the preparation of extensive documentation, EASA has now also given its blessing for the 15m-version. Almost one year after the maiden flight of the 15m version the AS 33 Es is ready for adventures in both wingspans without restrictions. For already delivered gliders the 15m outer wings can be retrofitted according to TM4. You can find them, as always, in the TM section of our website.



To complete the AS 33 family, the self launching version AS 33 Me is currently under construction. Equipped with the electric drive known from the AS 34 Me, the AS 33 Me offers unlimited independence. The prototype is currently in production and will soon soar over the Rhön.

Stay tuned!