2019 Jan.

Previous ASK 21s also profit from the B-version

As a result of the new development for the ASK 21 B several of its features can be adopted by the large number of previous ASK 21 sailplanes.

Simplified brake system maintenance

With TN 39 the original brake fluid reservoir can be replaced with a sealed system. This prevents air entering the system during frequent inverted flights.


Nose pitot extension can be eliminated

Also useful for aerobatic flight is an adapter for the nose pitot tube (TN 40) because it makes the installation of a nose pitot extension tube unnecessary.


Aft wing connection

The TN 40 also makes it possible to install a larger aft wing connection bolt. This eliminates possible long term play with relatively little effort. Details are shown in Maintenance Instruction B, Issue II.

Securing the emergency canopy release

The correct procedure for installing the wire safety lock on the front canopy emergency release lever is also described in a new Maintenance Instruction.