2023 Jan.

Training certificate 2022

On 15.12.2022, two representatives of the Bad Hersfeld-Fulda Employment Agency visited us to present our company with the training certificate for special efforts in the area of training.

Thank you very much for the award with the training certificate, we are proud and really happy about it and of course also hope to convince future trainees of us. We want to continue our commitment to a strong training program and try to give our trainees the best possible training for their future.

We currently have 13 trainees among our workforce of 110 employees. We train light aircraft builders, vehicle painters and metal workers specializing in construction technology. Light aircraft construction is a particularly unusual occupation because it is so diverse, because it involves a lot of materials, and because it involves all departments during the three years of training. A light aircraft builder learns to work with plastics, wood, metals, electronics and engines, among other things. We try to offer the apprentices a lot and support them so that they feel comfortable and want to stay – from help with finding a place to live to in-house classes for what they missed out on at vocational school. But above all, the focus is on the quality of the training. Our training manager Joschka Schmeisl has trained more than 50 young people over the past 20 years. A large number of them are still part of our team. Currently, one female automotive painter, two metalworkers specializing in construction technology and ten light aircraft builders are undergoing training. One female light aircraft technician and one male light aircraft technician will have completed their training in the summer of 2022.


We are still looking for trainees for the year 2023. Are you interested? Then take a look at our careers page and simply get in touch with us using the contact form. Become part of our team and inspire your talent!