2023 Feb.

Congratulations on outstanding academic results.

After the last training certificate awarded by the Bad Hersfeld-Fulda Employment Agency, there was now another reason to be happy, and it concerned one of our trainees.

It is important to us that our trainees do a good job in production and that we try to give them the best possible support. Equally important is the theoretical knowledge and the associated academic results. However, we can proudly say that our trainees can also shine here with top performances.

J. Schmeisl & M. Michel (f. L. t. R.)

J. Schmeisl & M. Michel (f. L. t. R.)

One example of this terrific success is our trainee Maxim. He received his vocational school leaving certificate with an acknowledgement for outstanding academic performance. Because it reads so well, we would like to point out the average grade again. You don’t see a 1.0 every day.

Congratulations from the whole team to Maxim on this excellent vocational school leaving certificate and on passing his journeyman’s examination as a light aircraft builder. Maxim shortened his apprenticeship in order to be able to start his studies as soon as possible. In the summer, three other apprentices will also be taking their journeyman’s examinations as light aircraft constructors; so far, excellent results are also emerging here. We would be delighted if we can continue to recruit them as members of our team.