2022 Apr.

News about the AS 35 Mi

Our design team is working at full speed on the final construction details in order to be able to keep to the set schedule. Since the first releases, the design has naturally evolved and now comes up with some interesting innovations. True to the AS 33 philosophy of “getting the last bit of performance out”, improvements have once again been incorporated into the AS 35 Mi.

We combined the classic design process with targeted weight optimization of all parts and components. In this way, the empty weight of the aircraft has been reduced by several kilograms, which again increases the possible wing loading range.

Probably the most noticeable change is the adaptation of the aerodynamic design to the new mass distribution. Compared to the initial design, the wings have been swept further back to provide optimum lift distribution and center of gravity. The change is also visually worthwhile: the 20m wing arc also looks stunning in combination with the optimized fuselage and tail unit.

In addition, the aerodynamic detail design of the wing and fuselage was particularly focused on minimizing drag at high speeds, so that additional performance could be teased out here as well.

With these detail improvements, the design of the AS35 Mi has been frozen and the final design review has been successfully completed. With this, the next steps are now underway so that the AS 35 Mi can soon set new standards in the Open Class and bring a lot of joy.

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