2022 Dec.

The AS 33 Me is now certified!

Good news before Christmas: The AS 33 Me is EASA certified as of today. This makes the AS34 Me & AS 33 Me the first two certified 18 m electric self launchers in the world.

The way into the future

Alexander Schleicher created true dreams with the best engineers of his time.
These dreams manifested themselves again and again in the 95-year history of his company in the best gliders in the world and brought immense innovations.


The pursuit of the future has produced many legendary gliders and drives us to keep moving forward. We celebrate our 95th anniversary this year but are far from rusty.

The time of electrification has long since begun and this year we have already been able to certify the world’s first electric 18 m selflauncher with the AS 34 Me.

Today we celebrate the certification of the AS 33 Me, the first certified electric 18 m flapped selflauncher!


The AS 33 Me combines the most modern 18 m sailplane with a simple and low maintenance motor concept.

The smaller installation factor of the drive in combination with the battery position allows us now to bring a selflauncher into the race even with minimal fuselages.

The AS 33 Es could prove on competitions in the last years that its concept of high wing loading works and therefore inspires the pilots. Now this airplane becomes still another step better and attains infinite possibilities by the self launch option.

We are proud of this achievement and that we are a pioneer with it.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and to the team’s achievement in making this tram-like Christmas present possible.


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