2018 Apr.

Sergei Morozov wins the US Sailplane Grand Prix in Florida

ASG 29 pilots Jerzy Szemplinski and Sean Fidler place second and third

This time two Canadians finished in front at the 2018 US Sailplane Grand Prix in Orlando, Florida. Sergei Morozov won first place with a significant lead in points at the end of the competition. He was able to win three of the five valid competition days.  His fellow Canadian Jerzy Szemplinski finished in second place.

American pilot Sean Fidler in third place completed the ASG 29 trio on the podium. learn more

2018 Mar.

World Record flight by Keith Essex in the ASG 29 Es

500 km out and return at an average speed of 255 km/hr in New Zealand

US pilot Keith Essex has established a spectacular 500 km 15m class out and return world record in New Zealand with his ASG 29 Es: in conjunction with a flight of 1300 km he achieved an average speed of 255 km/hr over a 500 km section of the course, thereby setting a new FAI world speed record for out and return flights.

Keith has sent us a few impressions and additional information about the flight: learn more

2018 Mar.

Göran Ax has died

Ex-world champion dies following an automobile accident

We have received the sad news that on 24 February 2018 Göran Ax died as a result of a tragic automobile accident at the age of 74.  Göran was not only a passionate soaring pilot but was also our representative in Sweden for over three decades. learn more

2018 Feb.

FAA Type Certificate for the ASG 32 Mi

USA: 20m two-seater receives approval

As of 26 January 2018 the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has type approved the ASG 32 as well as the ASG 32 Mi self-launching version. learn more

2018 Feb.

Peter Temple also successful at the Australian Grand Prix 2018

ASG 29 pilots ranked first and second in Horsham

Peter Temple

Peter Temple

The distance from the Australian Nationals in Waikerie near Adelaide to the next competition site was not very long for Australian standards. The Australian Grand Prix in Horsham was the new destination – about 500 km away or roughly half the distance towards Melbourne. learn more

2018 Jan.

Australian Multiclass Nationals:
AS pilots win three classes

Peter Temple, Don Woodward and Team Percival & Potter new National Champions

Pilots in Schleicher sailplanes achieved excellent results at the 56th Australian Multiclass Nationals 2018 in Waikerie. learn more

2018 Jan.

Electro ASG 32 EI Type Certificated!

The first 20m two-seater with electric retriever engine

A few days ago the EASA sent us some good news: the electro ASG 32 EI has received its type certificate and thereby becomes the first 20m two-seater to be certified with an electric retriever engine.

This electro propulsion system is a completely new, independent design developed under our leadership by a consortium.  Therefore we are especially proud to be able to offer a forward-looking propulsion system which, because of its very low emission characteristics, is a very good match with our self-launching ASG 32 for use in soaring. learn more

2017 Dec.

Sebastian Kawa flies more than 800 kilometers in Ukraine

Wave flight in December with an ASH 25 Mi - Photo Gallery

While at this time of the year all pilots are looking at the soaring centers in Namibia, South America or Australia, Sebastian Kawa makes a flight with more than 800 km in Europe.

Following weeks of diplomatic negotiations he received permission to fly above the Gorgany Mountains in western Ukraine. After take-off at a small airfield in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains on 14 December 2017 with Jens Kroeger’s ASH 25 Mi, Sebastian and his copilot Piotr Bobula flew along the mountain range to the Romanian border. learn more

2017 Oct.

Mark Holliday and Tom Claffey new Champions

Championships in South Africa and Australia

Mark Holliday

Mark Holliday

While here in Europe the sailplanes gradually are mothballed, the gliding season is really getting started in the southern hemisphere.

Nevertheless the weather was somewhat restrained at the national championships in South Africa and Australia, so that only a few competition days could be carried out. AS pilots were able to achieve good placings, including two new national champions.

Mark Holliday placed first at the South African Nationals in the FAI 15m class in his ASW 27. With Wayne Schmidt (ASW 27, 2nd place) and Richard Bradley (ASW 27, 3rd place) the podium was complete. learn more

2017 Sep.

A new Company Brochure

Support by our suppliers

We would like to thank our suppliers cordially for their friendly support in preparing our new AS company brochure.

This brochure is also available in printed form.


At the same time a short video has been created, in which we introduce ourselves as a sailplane manufacturer.